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Creative Industry: DISAPPOINTED – P.S

Like Hercules, I’m becoming ‘very disappointed’ by the West’s creative industry’s ‘lack of vision’ (which, no, Emperor Palpatine, they haven’t paid the price for yet) and lack of integrity – I’m not even going to mention the subject of ‘reality’ TV.

Unproduced/up-and-coming/emerging writers should at least be given a ‘three strikes and you’re out’ type system to produce commercially successful works before they’re ‘blacklisted’ and creative companies/producers are hesitant to work with them again.

This is for producers and directors: don’t assume that a writer must be ‘no good’ because they’re not already some big name/’Unknown’, from my experience, I continue to amaze and surprise myself as a writer (as I once suffered from a lack of self-confidence about writing) and the reason they may be ‘unknown’ is because of people with exactly that kind of ‘oh, well, if you were any good as a writer, you’d already have x,y,z produced/already be a big name’ thinking – a writer might be excellent, but received a complete lack of response from creative companies and producers alike when trying to get anything at all produced, or even to get a single script read to gauge interest. From my experience, writers continually get ‘dumped on’ – an actor gets an audition, a person with a university qualification gets a job interview, a writer gets…the cold shoulder, repeatedly (hope you don’t mind the cold, writers!).

How can the West’s creative ‘biz’ have the gall to call itself a ‘creative’ industry, when it’s so openly hostile to any (and seemingly, almost all) fresh talent and originality? That’s not necessarily a rhetorical question either, by the way.

Enough is enough. Show us some fresh talent, original I.Ps, and artistic vision delivered to us by genuine ‘visionaries’! Don’t make Hercules make you another video about how ‘disappointed’ he is! And please give us more comedy, lots more comedy, especially clever comedy, and make great strides to having more comedy in video games and the video game industry! Neo: “We need comedy, lots of comedy”.

If there’s a God and He’s listening, give us more of the good stuff creatively, pronto! Japan: keep up the good work (and give the Final Fantasy series a true return-to-form)!





My name's Brendan Lloyd - I'm a writer, 29, and living in Adelaide, South Australia who is interested in video games and anime. I have several creative projects in various media (animated series, video games, and lyrics) that I'm writing independently. Introduction, details, and writing samples in blog.

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