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Creative Industry: DISAPPOINTED!

(I’m liking the ‘Hercules Disappointed’ meme more and more!)

I’m noticing a trend with the creative industry of ‘Bizarro World’ logic, where many deserving creatives – some who put in a lot of hours and effort on their own schedule – are being overlooked, while some overrated creatives, including some hack writers, appear to be getting opportunities ‘handed’ to them and don’t have to work all that hard for them (at least initially), and they maybe only ‘work their ass off’ later in their career.

With what does and doesn’t get made or produced, I’m noticing some unsound and possibly delusional logic by creative companies and producers – ‘if you can’t guarantee a hit, we won’t even consider it for production’ type thinking. Apply that kind of ‘subjective truth’ thinking to the entire creative industry and by that logic, about 1/4 of the amount of stuff ever released should ever have been made, because so many things were commercially unsuccessful (Disney’s ‘Treaure Planet’, Final Fantasy: Spirits Within, Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem, Psychonauts, Captain Rainbow [Google it!]), written off in the early stages and became a ‘sleeper hit’, or some creatives had/have a hit-and-miss track record of commercial success with their works.

Many creatives, especially writers, are not being given a proper chance to prove themselves before being turn away – ‘financial uncertainty’ BS. Well, I got news for ya, creative companies and producers, if a writer hasn’t either had a project produced, or worked previously as a contract writer on a TV show or something, there’s no precedent for ‘commercial success’ for that writer, and you’re basing that ‘financial uncertainty’ on ‘crystal-ball thinking’ with nothing to compare or measure ‘success’ against – “nothing ventured, nothing gained”.

It reminds me of the cliché I’ve seen on news and current affair programs of university graduates who have a degree (or multiple degrees), can’t get the job they are qualified for because the employer wants ‘experience’ (where does this ‘experience’ come from in the first place, huh?), they don’t get the job despite the qualification, and meanwhile are potentially tens of thousands of dollars in debt to pay university fees to get the qualification in the first place and they NEED that job to have enough income to repay the course fees – and have tens of thousands of dollars of debt before they’ve worked a single day on the job they’re qualified for (a textbook ‘Catch 22’ situation). A similar situation appears to plague writers (‘plague’ being the keyword). I get the impression that so many writers must have – at least early in their career – ‘made it’ due to dumb luck (right place at the right time, and a ‘seemingly unassuming thing that was really a huge thing in hindsight’) rather than because of being an exceptional gifted ‘natural talent’.

With writers, I’d recommend if you’re a producer, read 1 script and if the writer has obvious talent and their work has potential, put them on a shortlist, if their work is complete rubbish, be honest with them but gently. For a 1/2 hour TV series script, it takes maybe 1 weekend afternoon to read and potentially scout out up-and-coming and emerging talent and promising projects. Huh, maybe their Scouters are broken…too many writers must have gone ‘over 9000’.

Producers and creative companies – if you want original concepts, look for original talent. The video game and movie industries are starved of truly original ideas (Disney Live Action remakes “lazy cash grab”, anyone?), and the lack of originality is not only obvious, but is becoming laughable (Call of Dooty ought to get the boot-y!). The ‘Creative’ Industry IMO is becoming far too much of an ‘industry’ (i.e WAY too corporate-y and a lot of ‘artistic charlatanism’, if not corporate) and progressively less creative (yes, Hercules, I’m ‘very disappointed’ too!).

Come on, folks, we can do better – we just don’t seem to want to…




My name's Brendan Lloyd - I'm a writer, 29, and living in Adelaide, South Australia who is interested in video games and anime. I have several creative projects in various media (animated series, video games, and lyrics) that I'm writing independently. Introduction, details, and writing samples in blog.

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