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How to Succeed At Writing

A lot of creatives are probably wondering how to succeed at writing professionally. Currently, (as of 30/3/17) I have succeeded in having a non-fiction book published, but am having difficulties with having creative projects produced. At this point in time, this is the advice I’m able to offer:

  1. Contacting creative companies at random, while it may seem sensible (or so I thought), is quite difficult to succeed at if you’re essentially an ‘Unknown’. As I found out the hard way, many/most creative companies, due to legal reasons associated with copyright (esp. lawsuits from stealing ideas from rejected submissions) will tend to not accept unsolicited submissions or enquiries at all.
  2. The main reason for any rejections stems from perceived financial risk – some companies are more willing to take a risk than others. If you can crowdfund a small-scale video game or some other format, you might have an easier time later with a ‘labour of love’ project. My non-fiction book (Out of This World) was published in large part because I self-funded the publishing costs.
  3. Having your own creative projects/original IPs is a sign of your originality and passion, but being prepared for a more low-key writing job in the early stages of your writing career to build up ‘cred’ will make it much easier to revisit your own IP(s) at a more convenient time when you’re more likely to receive recognition.
  4. Join any applicable ‘Screenwriters Guild’ in your country (Writer’s Guild of America, Writer’s Guild of Canada, Australian Writers Guild, Writer’s Guild of Great Britain, etc) – you will have greater representation, and your voice will be heard more easily – especially if you exude talent as a writer – and you’ll have access to many networking opportunities, script assessment services, etc.
  5. Starting out by writing novels earlier in your career may be a good stepping stone towards TV or video games later in your career.
  6. For novels, non-fiction books, etc, having an agent is advisable to give yourself the best representation.
  7. For books, being willing to spend money to advertise and promote a book can be expensive but is essential for giving your books – especially early ones – visibility. The more you’re willing to spend on advertising, the better.
  8. Books have the option of Giveaways – such as Amazon Giveaway. I haven’t actually tried a giveaway yet, but it’s another option available to promote books.
  9. It’s more advisable to seek out a producer rather than a specific creative company, especially if you’re essentially ‘Unknown’ – if you can secure financing, you’re much more likely to have something produced.


My name's Brendan Lloyd - I'm a writer, 29, and living in Adelaide, South Australia who is interested in video games and anime. I have several creative projects in various media (animated series, video games, and lyrics) that I'm writing independently. Introduction, details, and writing samples in blog.

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