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Midnight Eyes – Humour of the Ordinary and Extraordinary

Midnight Eyes is not inspired by any single Popular Culture source – the ‘experiences’ described in my non-fiction spirituality book Out Of This World were my greatest inspiration. My intention was to create something ‘spiritual’, that made fun of just about everything – the focus being on creating ‘good vibes’ with its humour, rather than attempting to be an introduction to obscure New Age ideas – and often, to satirise exactly those things – even bordering on being flippant about ‘New Age-ism’ in general.

Its humour parodies, satirises, and otherwise references virtually everything from Mythology, Popular Culture, Video Games (specific games and franchises, sometimes the industry itself), the Nazis, ‘New Age’ Spirituality, to the Dark Ages and the Devil, occasionally, even itself, and very small amounts of humour about Asperger’s (which I have, and I have a handful of friends with either Asperger’s or Autism) – a ‘comedy is catharsis’ approach.

The humour gathers momentum as the series progresses – due to mostly one-episode stories for virtually the entire first ‘Arc’ – which made laying down roots for humour more challenging – the shift to multiple episode storylines in the later two Arcs means much of its funniest material (which I won’t spoil) is from episode 18 onwards, though later episodes of the first ‘Arc’ (particularly Ep 17) lay down some roots that mature in the second ‘Arc’.

I would describe the genre as ‘Spiritual Comedy’ (with accessible humour that sometimes makes fun of ‘New Age’ spirituality and Popular Culture, among other things) with some Adventure elements – the ‘spiritual’ aspects are downplayed in favour of humour. The visual style would be similar to Super Power (a blend of CG and Cel-shading), but also have strong influence from the Vincent Van Gogh painting ‘Starry Night’. The series is overall quite tasteful – apart from a few mild sexual references (mostly subtle innuendo), there is virtually no violence (2 SMALL battles in the whole series), swearing, references to drugs/alcohol, no nudity (as near as I can tell).  Assuming a ‘PG’ rating, there is virtually nothing I would consider especially objectionable – the only episodes I personally would consider to be possibly ‘M’ rated would be 28-33, and only because of minor violence and occasional references to war, and some of these can be toned down to increase the volume of humour. Anyone who might say “‘Spiritual comedy’? What a joke!’, I’d respond, “Exactly! That’s the whole idea!”.

The complete series was written over 12 months, with more recent tweaks, and gave me the ability and confidence to work on the first Searing Blade, and its sequel (started 1/2/17). I have not seen any animated series directly comparable to Midnight Eyes, and am confident in its accessibility and originality.

Make sure to check it out!







My name's Brendan Lloyd - I'm a writer, 29, and living in Adelaide, South Australia who is interested in video games and anime. I have several creative projects in various media (animated series, video games, and lyrics) that I'm writing independently. Introduction, details, and writing samples in blog.

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