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FF Spirits Within ‘What If…’

I just watched Final Fantasy Spirits Within again for the first time in years (I was very young when it first came out and didn’t really understand it) tonight (10/01/17) – and made an observation, based on what I’ve read about its budget and how much money it lost.

I thought: “what if Final Fantasy Spirits Within had never been made and its budget had been spent on developing more Final Fantasy games instead?”. According to Wikipedia, Final Fantasy IX cost roughly 40 million to make, so I based my ‘rough sums’ on that, and in my head worked out they could have developed 2 (possibly 3) numbered Final Fantasy games and had enough money left over for a spinoff game with the budget the film had.

Not only would 2-3 numbered Final Fantasies have had an abundant amount of content compared to the film (not to mention an additional spinoff), individually they would be been many times more financially successful and we can only guess what it would have meant for the development of the franchise overall.For example, would Final Fantasy XIII have turned out differently (i.e actually been a good game)?

If alternate realities exist (Many World Interpretation), would you want to visit the reality where FF Spirits Within was never made, and if so, why? Please share your thoughts.



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