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Quick Oz Comic Con 2015 Thoughts

I went to this year’s Oz Comic Con  and was very impressed. The people were well-behaved, relaxed, and there was generally a good atmosphere. Being able to recognise some of the cosplay characters added to the experience, and some of the costumes, such as a Donkey Kong costume, and an Iron Man costume which the cosplayers had made themselves, showed very high attention to detail, and were very impressive.

My highlights though were the Hercules panel (Kevin Sorbo and Michael Hurst) and the Stargate panel (Cliff Simon, Ben Browder, Michael Shanks) – the guest list was excellent, and with the Stargate panel in particular there was plenty of humour and there was a very good feel in the room.

I’ve been to concerts before, such as U2 and FF Distant Worlds, but this was very different, more ‘up close and personal’ in comparison. I’d definitely consider going again, if next year has a good guest list as well.

This kind of convention is good to see ‘here in Oz’, since we don’t have many conventions in Australia (especially compared to the U.S). Score: 8.5. Thank you this year’s guests for your appearance at Oz Comic Con, and I hope next year’s can measure up.



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