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Since late 2010, I have written lyrics to a considerable number of songs (~46 finished/minor revisions, about 10 unwritten [3 untitled], 8 unfinished, about 5 partially finished but some are one-off songs – the full ‘catalogue’ of songs including my various other projects is significantly more) that are not used by or related to any projects, most under the potential band name Crooked Guillotine (as a lyricist only – I would not be performing) . The genre could be described as ‘Alternative’ Rock – meaning, while there are some spiritual elements to many of the songs, I’m making every effort to make them (hopefully) relateable, and the style is still mostly rock. Inspirations include U2 (esp. Achtung Baby), Coldplay, INXS, and maybe slight MJ and Beatles.

As I mentioned in ‘About A Blog’, I’m considering using for forming a group. There is a master document where the ‘CG’ songs are vaguely organised into potential albums, but a considerable amount are not categorised. The only songs below that have been ‘revised’ (had lyric changes after the full lyrics were completed) are Bad Vibrations (several minor changes) and Nothing Good To Say, and a minor change to Drown Your Demons, as I don’t want my songs to seem too heavily revised/perfectionist. Here is a sampling of songs:

Bad Vibrations [Revised] Cruel to Be (Un)Kind  Nothing Good To Say lyrics [Revised] Hearts Meet  Looking For Something lyrics  One Love  Reflections Drown Your Demons E-S-P Slippery Slope State of Ignorance

One-off songs: Heart’s Masquerade True Feelings

Unfinished/unwritten: Watching Listening, Light Side of Darkness,  Shouting Silence (unfinished), Motive to Live, Healing Feeling (unfinished), Impossible Dreams, No Secret (unfinished), Divine Comedy, Grand Deception

Super Power and Midnight Eyes Songs

Here are a few opening/closing songs from Super Power and Midnight Eyes:

Super Power:Every Story Has A Beginning Timeless Love Freedom To Fly [ExcerptTo Know Yourself [Excerpt]

Midnight Eyes: Through Your Eyes  Your Thoughts, One Winged Angel Parody (standalone)

There are a considerable number of other Super Power and Midnight Eyes songs, but to prevent spoilers I am not posting them here. I also have some songs that were written for various projects, to prevent spoilers I’m only uploading excerpts. I uploaded two excerpts on 4/5/16, and I might upload an excerpt from “For Your Love” at a later stage




My name's Brendan Lloyd - I'm a writer, 29, and living in Adelaide, South Australia who is interested in video games and anime. I have several creative projects in various media (animated series, video games, and lyrics) that I'm writing independently. Introduction, details, and writing samples in blog.

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