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Other Projects

I have several projects besides Super Power, but since I can only work on one project at a time, 3 are finished (counting the Midnight Eyes spin-off as a project), and the rest are in the planning stages. I’m gradually working through projects.

These projects are:

Midnight Eyes – a 49 episode animated series with a relatively abstract plot  that takes place in a dream with humour (including occasional Pop Culture references) and very little violence, and is made up of three major story ‘Arcs’ of similar length, and starts off with separate, seemingly random one-episode stories and eventually develops into larger subplots. (See ‘Midnight Eyes – Humour of the Ordinary and Extraordinary’ under the ‘Side Projects’ category for more information)

This project is completed as of 1/12/14, apart from minor edits and revisions particularly to early episodes. I’ve had a lot of fun with it, as it turned out to have much more humour than I was initially expecting. I’m working on a movie that ideas, jokes, etc that were unable to be fitted into the series have been filed away for, if the opportunity for a Midnight Eyes movie arises.

There is also a spin-off of 18 episodes involving a particular character, which I’d been filing away ideas for and is complete  as of 27/5/15, which I’ve also had a lot of fun with.

Searing Blade –  a hack-n-slash/Action Adventure/RPG hybrid with some comedy elements [hack’n’slash with RPG elements like towns, sidequests, etc, Action Adventure elements like obtainable weapons, abilities, dungeons and puzzles, etc. Perhaps an ‘Adventure Comedy’ or ‘Hack-tion Adventure’] video game project/series, strongly influenced by the Legend of Zelda series and the Darksiders series. It contains humour (to a lesser degree than Midnight Eyes), is about an angel in training who sets out on a journey, and is designed to act as an ‘angel primer’ – to be easily accessible to people completely unfamiliar with lore about angels. See ‘Making The Blade’ (under the ‘Side Projects’ category) for some spoiler-free information.

Script, with tweaks and extra polish, finished as of 9/9/16, and ideas and humour are filed away for the sequel, with ‘Clear Data’ from completing the first game carried over to the sequel. A total of 50 pages of in-game documents that expand the lore and flesh out certain characters is complete as of 2:40 PM 31/1/17. I began working on the sequel’s script on 1/2/17, and finished on 29/9/17 (roughly 6 months, due to minor setbacks and the focus on humour), and I expect a timeframe of 5-6 months for the 75 pages of in-game documents. I will allow 1 year to complete both of these goals (by 28/2/18). 

Vague ideas exist for a potential third game featuring a different main character, but very little ‘locked-in’ plot-wise yet other than that it will be both a prequel and a sequel, as well as having a multiplayer spin-off component. Due to featuring a different main character, the third game would have a somewhat darker tone and toned down humour compared to the first two games. 

Unstarted Projects

These are other projects that I have a rough concept for, but no particular plan for or haven’t started working on. These are:

Blood of the Clans: An original animation IP based on Japanese mythology and the Three Sacred Treasures (a ‘Western’ take/interpretation [as in The West, not Western genre!]). This would probably go on for no longer than 26 episodes at most, possibly shorter. I currently only have a basic plan for this series.

Dream Destiny: An RPG game based upon the lyrics of Bohemian Rhapsody in an abstract way, with ‘Branching Points’ where dialogue choices and decisions can alter the plot later in the game and lead to alternate storylines complete with several alternate end bosses – in a nutshell: “Final Fantasy X meets Shadow Hearts: From the New World” The main cast is multicultural and quite diverse, with an equal number of male and female characters, and the main theme of the story is that each of the character’s experiences different parts of the same dream and meet each other for the first time, before starting out on a journey. The ‘consequences of racism’ and ‘overcoming racism’ would be major themes (an ‘anti-racism RPG’ of sorts).

The battle system would be somewhat old-school, but with modern touches; switching characters in and out during battle would be emphasised – as each character has a unique skillset and specialisation (e.g physical attacks, magic, healing) – and substantial extra EXP would be awarded if every character has acted in battle.

The words ‘Dream’ and  ‘Destiny’ may play some part in both gameplay and plot. There may be a Van Gogh influence to the art style of this project as well, possibly to greater effect than Midnight Eyes. Still researching the cultures that will be featured in-game, and extremely limited idea of plot at this point – I’ll be letting this project ‘percolate’ for a while. 

Lost Souls – A Kingdom Hearts-like original IP, although featuring original worlds and original villains with some Super Power character cameos.

– Parody series that references many well-known books, movies, games, anime, etc either through dialogue or sketches. (Untitled)

Lotus Sphere – A Buddhism themed game where must solve people’s problems to earn Lotus Points, and you must complete the game with fewer than 108 ‘rebirths’ (Continues from checkpoints, e.g from failing an objective), or you are locked out of continuing the game and must start again from the beginning (but can keep collectibles or side quest progress).


Out of This World – non-fiction book called about some ‘interesting’ spiritual experiences I had in ’06, ’08 ,’11 and a less intense experience in ’15 that have been major creative influences. This book  is available via POD (Print On Demand) and as an ebook – I’ve posted excerpts that I decided best fit this blog.

The Om Contemplations – non-fiction book combining ‘spiritual poetry’ and mantras I’ve found the most effective, mostly ones I’ve discovered myself. Deceptively thin, fitting a surprising amount into a small number of pages, and priced to be relatively inexpensive. The poetry is intended to be something that can be contemplated more than once, finding new insights with re-reads, rather than a novel that is only read once, then either never read again or not re-read until years later.

Out of This World




My name's Brendan Lloyd - I'm a writer, 29, and living in Adelaide, South Australia who is interested in video games and anime. I have several creative projects in various media (animated series, video games, and lyrics) that I'm writing independently. Introduction, details, and writing samples in blog.

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