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Fan-made Pokemon

I dug up some old “Pokemon” I created years ago, and decided to share them on here. Keep in mind that these are VERY old (around the time of Generation 2), I can’t draw very well, and I invented two new types (Light, Genetic – ‘Light’ would be Fairy in the current typing, except strong AND weak against dark and without the weaknesses to Poison and Steel, Genetic would have been weak against Poison like Fairy is and possibly only strong against itself [like Dragon]), and for some reason a useless ‘Psychic 2’ type.

I used to have more, but I already got rid of the worst ones (e.g I had a bulldozer one which was kind of stupid). Note: Puria would be pronounced Pew-Riah, and the name is a combination of Pure and Pariah. Also, Hardspar is based off of piezoelectricity (I think), and Serabellum, Serabello, and Seraking (possibly a Psychic/Fairy combo, or gain this typing combo through Mega Evolution) are the Cerebral Pokemon. Also, Dragma would be Dragon/Poison.

Note: I sent these in to Nintendo (minus Shadolyn and Snowma), and told them that if they use these they have no obligation to credit me, and hoped they’d be of more use to them than they are to me. They said it’s company policy not to accept submissions, so I’m not expecting them to use these designs, but it might give them inspiration for ‘Gen 7’.

Atalion0001 Blazebark0001 Firaw0001 Tyfloradale0001 Puria0001 Azualeaf0001 Thungrass0001 Hardspar0001 Calory0001

Tumblewee0001 Sori0001 Snowma0002 Sinraw0001 Shadolyn0001 Seraking0001 Serabellum0001 Serabello0001 Samasword0001 Samasaw0001 Reignwing0001 Finsar0001 Duwing0001 Dragma0001 Bugano0001



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