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Introduction Part II

Now for some background! Super Power (which I made an ‘executive decision’ [luckily I’m not the ‘stuffed suit’ kind of executive!] on 7/3/15, that I’d considered for a while beforehand, to tweak the title from ‘Super Power Warriors’ to ‘Super Power’]), is a story that is strongly focused on battles and war, with political undertones – as the name suggests. It’s my earliest, and also lengthiest project.

I’ve been a fan of video games and anime since childhood, which left a permanent impression on me, and inspired me to start my own creative writing. Though it’s my earliest project, and was originally written in a ‘chapter’ format that only had ½-⅔ the length of a script, I’ve given it a very high level of polish and significantly fleshed out the plot and character backstories, added dry humour, extended battles, increased the detail of the setting, etc, to make it less of an ‘early work’ (i.e one that you look back on later and feel embarrassed about if someone mentions, as some musicians or actors may do with some of their early albums or movies). I took a break from late 2013-December 2015 to work on and complete Midnight Eyes, its spinoff, and Searing Blade (see ‘Other Projects’), then returned to working on ‘Infinite’ in 2016 (occasionally in 2015)  – applying experience and skills gained from Midnight Eyes, its spinoff; and Searing Blade to ‘Infinite’ to bring an exemplary standard of quality to it, in line with a top-tier RPG plot and character development or a high-quality fantasy novel/fantasy novel series with much less Anime influence.

It could best be described as being a Sci-Fi/Fantasy hybrid, although it does occasionally incorporate some elements of other genres as well. The Sci-Fi elements are more prominent in the prequel series, while there is a much greater focus on the Fantasy elements in the follow-up series.

The story is divided into two series: Super Power, which covers the first five sagas (78 episodes) and acts as a standalone/prequel series to Super Power: Infinite (or ‘Infinite’ as I usually call it), comprised of 271 episodes split into four “Acts” (84, 72, 51, and 64 episodes respectively). The two series are comprised of multiple sagas that are related in terms of themes/characters/plot. Each ‘Saga’ (equivalent to a ‘season’) focuses on particular characters/story elements and is in two ‘Parts’ (half-sagas), and sometimes a time-skip occurs between the two parts of a saga. Since any given saga may follow particular characters, generally speaking, there is no single character that remains a ‘lead’ character throughout the entire story. I’ve tried to avoid overly long ‘plot dumps’ wherever possible and tried to maintain a healthy balance between the amount of plot, character development, and the amount of action, which I believe Super Power generally succeeds in doing.

There are also 9 ‘Specials’ (~30-40 minute OVAs – 3 for the prequel series, 6 for Infinite), and three ~1 hour movies set during Infinite, which are all fully canonical.

There is a variety of different themes, but the main themes of the prequel series can be summed up as: ‘the consequences of war and persecution’; and ‘the use and abuse of power’. The prequel series has different themes than ‘Infinite’, such as sibling rivalry, betrayal, physical transformation vs. spiritual transformation, and religious themes such as redemption, love, and persecution. Some of these themes continue into and throughout ‘Infinite’, such as the theme of a common enemy, and redemption, while others do not and different themes are introduced.  I find that themes are important in a story, as you want the story to deliver some sort of message to the audience.

There are maps of the two planets in the prequel series which I drew personally, though they are somewhat crude (and require a higher quality redrawing), that I will upload at some stage.

There are also con-langs for the various cultures, but in an early stage of development and not developed enough to be consistently spoken in the story. I am willing to share some of the con-lang information (such as translations of the race names, or town/place names, and some character names) on request. I would like to be able to include con-langs in the story to improve authenticity, but I do not have the skills/time to fully develop them on my own, though I hope to aim for 100 word dictionaries for each, possibly 1,000 word dictionaries when I can spare time to work on them. I’m also interested in a professional linguist further developing these languages. For clarification, the Siron are Slavic (‘Slavic’, refers to Eastern European countries such as Russia, Poland, Ukraine, Slovenia, Slovakia, etc), the Skedanians are Celtic, and the Templar are Germanic/Scandinavian. The Republic is a blend of the U.S, Roman Empire, and Catholic Church (and possibly other influences); while the Cetin are more Greco-Roman (particularly linguistically) with a few differences.



My name's Brendan Lloyd - I'm a writer, 29, and living in Adelaide, South Australia who is interested in video games and anime. I have several creative projects in various media (animated series, video games, and lyrics) that I'm writing independently. Introduction, details, and writing samples in blog.

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