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The name’s Brendan Lloyd. I’m: Aussie; an Aspergian in my late 20’s; ‘based’ in Adelaide, South Australia; and interested in video games (favourite genre is RPGs [Role Playing Games]), fantasy novels, and anime. I have several creative writing projects in different forms of media (animated series, video game, music) – some are finished; the rest I’m either working on or have a rough plan for. I work to my own schedule, and so far have had no assistance with any of my work but I’m willing to receive input from other writers, especially with ‘Infinite’ (including for other writers to complete  the later Acts of ‘Infinite’ [see Introduction]) and some of the video game projects (formatting and gameplay mechanics).

In late 2015, I published a non-fiction book called ‘Out of This World’ about some ‘interesting’ spiritual experiences I had in ’06, ’08  ’11 and a less intense experience in ’15 that have been major creative influences. I’d like to have this book translated into languages such as French, Spanish, Italian, German, Russian; and Hindi, when finances allow.

Out of This World
I also published a second non-fiction book in late 2017 called ‘The Om Contemplations’ which is a mixture of ‘spiritual poetry’, and information about mantras I’ve found most effective. I designed this book to be pocket-sized and fairly inexpensive.
While I’ve learned the hard way the difficulty of producing the ‘big one’ (Super Power, particularly ‘Infinite’ [see Introduction]), I’m bringing forward smaller projects that can be produced, and produced relatively easily. I aim to produce all projects except Midnight Eyes and its spinoff [see Other Projects, under the Side Projects category], as well the music [see Songs, under the Lyrics category] via U.S production/U.S-Australia co-production.

With the music, I need to meet people who are genuinely interested in forming a group, using my songs, rather than those who only treat music as a hobby, and are not serious or willing to commit to being in a group. Finding the right website is probably the best way to do that – I’m considering using Meetup.com for forming a group when I’ve worked out details such as meeting place, etc. It’s well within reason for the music to be produced within Australia, because there is a precedent for Australian groups that not only ‘caught their break’ in ‘Oz’  but also had international success (e.g groups such as ACDC, INXS, 5SOS, etc).

I am aiming for the music to be produced in Australia, even within South Australia, due to requiring the least resources of any of my projects and I would be raising an eyebrow (or two!) about Oz’s creative industries if it fails to be produced (and to quote Leighton Hewitt, probably saying ‘Come on!’). The creative freedom I’m willing to give to the potential ‘group’ includes: being able to write some of their own songs/lyrics, create albums not currently included on my ‘Master Document’, input into lyrics of currently unfinished and possibly future songs, and the ability to design their own logos and album covers.

I wish to see at least Midnight Eyes and its spinoff produced (preferably these two first); as well as Searing Blade; and the prequel Super Power series, which I have already completed (minus lengthening of certain action-heavy eps), and if the opportunity arises, to continue with ‘Infinite’ (which is currently 1/4 finished and will take 5-6 years to complete). (Note: I have put Super Power:Infinite on hold indefinitely to work on other projects).

Feel free to explore my blog via the drop-down category list at your leisure!

This blog is an experiment for me, so please be open minded and provide either positive feedback or constructive criticism only – rude or offensive comments will be ignored.



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